Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Der Parkbank Pinkler
Kapitel XXII: zuständig machen

„Es gibt kein falsches Leben im privatsozialisierten.”
—Theater a.D.


Konserviert und kodiert. Asozial ist der Verweigerer. AI ist nicht der denkende Roboter, AI ist der Mensch im Besitz vom Roboterwillen. Konserviert und kodiert. Asozial ist der Verweigerer. Der Arbeitgeber gibt die Erlösung frei. Schwarmdenken zum fairen Lohn. Die Arbeitnehmer lösen die Bienen ab und nach dem Feierabend gehen diese in die Rente und sterben. Mahlzeit! sagen die Roboter. Keiner versteht. Sie sterben auch. Nach dem Programm. Asozial ist der Verweigerer.

Demnächst entsteht hier noch etwas.

Friday, 18 August 2017

The Sacrosanct Legacy of Pershing's Precious Perspiration

I'm'on' whip this out quickly because a few thoughts are worthy of explicit reiteration, even if I have seen them expressed recently, albeit buried in the rubble of the rest of the modern net of myopic baloney. They're also worthy of Christer bullet points (all praise to BLCKDGRD).

♰ No, none of them should be classified as terrorist. Equal opportunity stupidity does not improve its quality. Those nations' exclusive rights to terrorize with an exclusive exemption from being classified as doing so is doubleplus use of terroristic googlyspeak. Conversely, whether in a hopped-up hick hooptie in Hick Park or a big truck mowing down tourists by the tens in Euro Central, the perps — whom dutifully opposed rubes & anti-rubes counter-insist must "also be called terrorists" — are murderers and murderers only.

Okay, criminals, if you like. Meaning, let the state spin its wheels capturing criminals who have committed murder as they would do any other murderer but lend them no more power than that. The simple attribution of terrorism serves as a magnetic rallying cry for anyone who wants to belong to that greater cause even if they have no practical affinity for its stated ideological details or connection to its alleged organisers, and feeds the more massive machine whose sole purpose is dousing that cause with the fuel that feeds its character. The term serves no good purpose and only does more harm. If you were to stop the war on terror and remove its extraterritorial and extrajudicial authoritarianism, everyone currently dubbed a terrorist could be seen for the empty shell of a bad deed that they really are. Quickly claimed ties to acronyms here or there (and who doesn't want a medal of honor?), "smoking out" should be limited to rolling a fatty and getting your friends really high. You ain't defeatin' shit.

♰ Where the reigning ass of the ruling empire is right, he is right. Whether he knows it was wrapped in the wrong reason isn't anymore important today than it was when he was somehow important enough to warrant an appearance on Today or Good Morning America for the billionth time before he was forty. Doesn't anyone ever wonder about the level of likelihood that George Washington or any number of his beloved compatriots from Virginia would have fought for the Confederacy? You know, the guys who fought a war of independence from the crown affecting how much and how they could profit off of the spoils of "their" land? Me given my druthers, they'd reduce Mount Rushmore to large wall of awe-inspiring flatness upon which they could project Scenes from a Broken Marriage (they could rent lawn chairs!) But peoples love their myths.

Why the hell should I be forced to observe the chiseled jaw of Jefferson in any town square, let alone as the name of anytown? Screw that rich bastard and the vessel he got away in. That said, I find yugely questionable the motivation of anyone who would gather to demonstrate against the removal of the likes of "General Lee". But for fuck's-advantage, there was a popular television program with super darling Hollywood b-stars, whose posters both boys and girls could jerk off to, that used that same army man to identify their rebel vehicle — a Dodge manufactured automobile that in the fantasy of too many of the brandishers of rebel regalia would be suited to chasing Yankies. Hee friggin' haw! It is so wed to the historical mythology of American exceptional righteousness that one might do well to pick more circumspectly the objects of offense as it relates to desperately needed political action. Next time you have a moment to engage in deep consideration of what's important, take a twenty-dollar bill out of your wallet or purse and meditate on the cover image with a view toward the publicly offensive nature of slavery and genocide.

♰ Most recently now the press has pointed out the Prez' apparent allusion to the maybe apocryphal tale of Captain John Pershing's dipping bullets in pig's blood being the model modus operandi before killing a (here's that word again) "terrorist" of the Islamic brand. Oh, Em, Gee! How ground-breakingly offensive to our honorable society and its world renowned decorum! And ignorant to boot. Why, the venerable Captain warring on the other side of the world on orders of another Rushmore hero was only burying his dead victims with pigs. Big diff, Bub.

But begging your pardon, I'd assumed Yank-Rebel United (tm) munitions' consecration with impure bodily fluids was part & parcel of the manufacturing process, which, when taken from the perspective of the nation's financial expenditure, and the words emblematized all over the currency used to create & destroy that portion of the GDP, would have to be seen as a state religion.

Getting worked up about this or that world leader (and I really hope it's your own) might help you vent through another day that marks where yesterday has landed you, but for God's sake, stop referring to dipshit Don's every twit-based utterance as shattering some taboo of decent humanity that had not already been tuned into the powerful pipe organ he happens to be playing Dixie on. Resist indeed. Spend strength rousting your representatives to oust him from office, but please reserve some of your energy for resisting in equal measure each and every violator of human decency, especially those who spread the kind of bedlam afforded great power, regardless of how smart & adorable and/or stupid & deplorable the personality who wields it. And if you do decide you just have to call out the symbols they celebrate, don't be so god damn selective.

♰ That is all.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Der Parkbank Pinkler
Kapitel XXI:
durchgesetzt: zur Entlastung endgültig Ersticken

Heute ließen wir uns beraten und haben  die Entscheidung getroffen und dementsprechend überparteilich so durchgesetzt, damit das überparteiliche Gesetzschaffende Organ durch eine direktere, effizientere außerparlamentarische Zweckgesellschaft offiziell mit sofortiger Wirkung ersetzt zu verstehen ist.
—das Organ a.D.


Thursday, 10 August 2017

Time and Plenishment

The moments when I am able to embrace the perfection of not giving a rat's tail would fleet if fleet were a verb.

It is often enough an occurrence of mind that what later might well be forgot might do well with an advanced preemptive reminder. As well, often enough has come the thought that what later might well be forgot should be forgot as shock therapy for he who does not remember — should it come to that. And how often it has!

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Der Parkbank Pinkler
Kapitel XX:
„Lederwolken” o. „Anbruchsonate”, was denkste?


Infolge mehrerer persönlicher Nikotinräusche entwickelte ich zur Erholung eine Atemübung. Die Frage ob sich meine Selbstentwicklung von alleine hätte entwickeln können, ist begründet. Ferner ist es fair zu fragen, ob die Selbstentwicklung schlichtweg als personenunabhängige Selbstentwicklung zu betrachten ist. Hauptsache ist, sie ist, meine Erfahrung nach, wenn schon nicht nötig, nützlich immerhin.

Monday, 7 August 2017


Wild Wendall, Foto von Mama/Chrominanz von davidly  - frühes 21. Jahrhundert


Unlike the de-building block proportional shock
Whose sweep was unknown to the mow'n not our own
And in contrast to the last deep breath twain'd calamities
Dissimilar in breadth and tone,

Not bespoken by Daddy, then of the country
From which Hell Sold Told promises to further unfold
Waves not in keeping with the covenant, new or old,
Or the numbers to be told and untold.

Aspect of memory's fading frontier,
Slipping father afield into silent dawn,
Your return is as off as the monuments fear,
Yet you go on an' on an' on an' on!

Here's milestone'd - but I hope not statute barred -,
Benchmarked's not destruction of love
Or billions spent towards millions still scarred,
But restitution of old, and confirmation thereof.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Scientactically-Told Truths

Raining capital in nineteen words:

They used to dub the leaders Great. Not because they were good guys & gals, but because they achieved the extreme. On horses. Call that ancient history along with the mid-twentieth century, but it's not just recently that words like "marvelous" have been taken for "wonderful" and almost never WTF?! Such simple choices, little turns of phrase, sound uttered self-consciously if you listen really closely, as if there's an ambiguity-minimum dishonesty requirement set forth in The Really Real Book of the Law somewhere. At any rate, quality propaganda requires retail twisting of truth as well as wholesale dissemination of dubious modern mythology. It's when words matter most.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Der Parkbank Pinkler
Kapitel XIX: das Abkommen Teil dry

»Ein Klugscheißer erkennt man ja, aber ich glaube, ehrlich gesagt, wir alle stehen, gehen, agieren und nicht zuletzt achten auf einer Wellenlänge, sodass wir Schlauheit falsch für Weisheit halten. Wahre Weisheiten schwingen bei anderen Frequenzen mit. Ob sie jemals von Menschen zu spüren waren?«
—irgendjemand in diesem Kapitel

.. . XIX.

Im Verhörraum angekommen Untergebene Elke Lamprecht und ihre Chefin Katrin Elsner — die gerade die Frage, was wir mit Mörder tun sollten, aufgriff, indem die Bedeutung von „wir” als zentral zu verstehen postuliert wurde —, stießen zum Selbstgespräch schon im Werden.